What are the types of pods?

There are various types of pods with multiple features and characteristics worldwide. The modern world requires modern elements in its vape pod system. So, introducing new features always attract vapers and increases market demand. ELFBAR provides its customers with multiple types of vapes and pods. Sometimes, there is an update in the coils, smoking capacity, shapes, and designs. Particularly to discuss the types, the following article may help you.

Standard pod system

These pods systems are undoubtedly the best pods for a new smoker. They provide a low pull and do not interfere with lung function. If you cannot find a vape, you should surely use the pod system.


It is a fine form of vape available in a one- or two-piece design. It is the best pod system for vaping, free from any limits. They are present in ELFBAR in various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can buy one, fill the flavor you want and smoke anywhere easily.

Pod mod

The electronic cigarette with a mouthpiece to intake the vapors of juice to smoke can be a suitable definition of pod mod. Pod mods are more expensive than others due to distinguishing features, i.e., more power and vapor.

Besides the above differentiation, there are other features among these types. For example, different vape pod systems have different coils, capacities, digital displays, regulating buttons, and designs.

Digital displays

The advanced vape pod systems have a digital display like a mini screen which presents necessary information about the pod. This information may show usage, remaining capacity, and charging capacity. It is helpful to tell how many times you have smoked so that you may keep a limit if you want.

Coils and capacity

Different coils have different capacities for storing e-liquids. You can refill them once empty or change the coil for another storage capacity.

Regulating buttons

Specific buttons for regulating the pods can turn them on or off. You can smoke only when the switch/button is turned on.


Pod vape systems come up with several design options and appealing body shapes. You can find multiple pods with stunning colors in ELFBAR. Thin, sleek pods are so handy, and people adore their curves. The new pen pods are more compatible and have increased the market demand.

What are the features you should keep in mind before buying a pod?

First, you should figure out whether you are a mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vaper. Only then you can select the right system for yourself. Secondly, some pods are very sensitive; you should check their body thoroughly to avoid suffering afterward. Coil capacities and their power pulls are also essential factors to consider in this regard. You should also check the sustainability and refill options available to you.


ELFBAR provides good products and services to its customers. The bar offers a wide range of prices so everyone can afford the vape accordingly. You can visit the bar and check the pods to your satisfaction before buying one. Furthermore, disposable pods, their flavors, and various other vape pod systems exist. If you want a higher ohmic coil or a high nicotine pull, you can easily fetch such systems in ELFBAR with premium quality.



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