What Are Operculum And Function Of Operculum Shells In Different Organism?

An operculum is a structure created by many snails, operculum work as a trapdoor, as the name trapdoor shows it is for saving them from other animals and for hiding them inside their own shell. An operculum is a structure created by many snails, not all snails make operculum shells, but only a few make shells. These shells are famous in different respects mostly in a good way.

The operculum has several functions in different organisms like plants, animals, and humans. It is also used for making decorative things like jewelry or neckless etc. Because of its versatile uses, is straightforward to find operculum shells in coastal or jewelry shops.

Its most important function includes the operculum saving the snails from extra dehydration or desiccation. It is a major function in snails when the water and tide are low and makes the snails hydrated in such a dry environment.

Major Function Of Operculum Shells In Different Organisms

The operculum is a significant function in snails when the water and tide are low. Its most important role is that operculum saves the snails from extra dehydration or desiccation. Also helpful in freshwater and land snails in a scorching environment, protecting them from drought conditions.

Major Function Of Operculum Shell In different Organisms.

· Marine Animals

Marine animals like sea snails in which the operculum is so large that it will completely cover the snail mainly for protection purposes—also used as a protective covering against predators or other more giant animals.

· Decorative Object In Humans Beings

Snails outer covering called operculum shell is used in making decorative objects like jewelry and furniture decorative products.

· Used As A weight

An operculum is a complex object used to make weights like paper weight and other types of weight for measurement. But the principal function is to make decorative paper weight for human use.

· Function In Birds

The operculum in birds is a little different than other operculum. For example, the operculum in birds is the flap of skin situated at the back side of the beak used for covering the nostrils of birds. Different types of operculum are present in plants, most famous for thin membranes made up of cartilage or keratin.

· Function In Plants

Operculum is also present in plants not a specific term for animals. In plants, the operculum is a name given to a barrier against the outer damage. This protects the newly growing embryo in plants. The name for this specific covering is Calyptra. The place of operculum is different in a different kind of plant-like moss plant it is present in sporophyte while in flowering plants it is present in petals that is used for protecting ovules and stamen.

· Function In Brain

The operculum, also present in humans’ brains, is called the opercula of the insula. The opercula are used to cover the insula cortex. It has a different part, and every aspect performs its function. One part protects the brain part in which sensations are processed. Another part covers the auditory processing portion of the brain, and the third part protects the brain involved in making different decisions.


Opercula in a different organism has another function. It is used in flowering and moss plants as a protective covering, in birds as a dorsal covering for nostrils, in snails to protect them from dehydration, in humans for protecting different parts of the brain, and in humans as a decorative object used as ornamental object. The authentic information in the article will benefit you when you go to buy an operculum shell for any purpose.



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