Facts You Want to Know About Galaxy Chocolate Bar

Galaxy is a brand of milk chocolate produced and marketed by Mars, Incorporated. It was first produced in the United Kingdom in 1960 and is sold as Dove in many other markets, particularly Continental Europe. Galaxy chocolate bars are sold in countries like Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt, the Middle East, India, the UK, and now in Ireland. Galaxy was listed as the second-bestselling chocolate bar in the UK in 2014.

How is Galaxy Chocolate Bar Made?

Galaxy chocolate is renowned for its silky, smooth texture that is carefully ground to produce a rich experience. But how exactly is it made?

For a long time, the two most popular brands of chocolate in the UK were galaxy chocolate bar and Cadbury Dairy Milk, both produced and sold by Mars. Despite being rivals, the two have distinct tastes, notably Galaxy’s silky-smooth texture. But which is the favorite in Britain, in their opinion?

Since 1932, Mars, a maker of chocolate, has chosen Dundee Road in Slough as its home. After many years and inventions, the business now produces millions of chocolate bars each week.

The Slough factory can produce up to one million Galaxy bars per day instead of about 150,000 Galaxy Ripple Bars. In order to get the chocolate on the shelves, the plant also operates around-the-clock, seven days a week.

One hundred eighty-seven million Galaxy treats were sold in 2019 alone, and 50% of British households purchase a Galaxy product annually. Additionally, the same plant also produces Revels and Maltesers. What makes it so silky and smooth, and how exactly is it made?

One of the initial steps, which entails finely milling the chocolate down to a microscopic micron level, is what makes Galaxy so incredibly creamy and silky. It is indeed almost as fine as real silk.

It indicates that we can create the distinctive Galaxy flavor, which is closely associated with opulent luxury and is characterized by a silky-smooth experience and a richness in flavor. Additionally, the chocolate is still produced utilizing the age-old artisanal method of roasting it in a crumb oven. This procedure brings out the underlying caramel flavor and cooked milk flavor.

The Process of Making a Delicious Chocolate Bar

There are two 80-foot ovens and seven production lines in the factory. After being baked, the chocolate moves onto the molds, where the distinctive shape of the Galaxy is made.

After the chocolate has filled the mold, air bubbles are removed before the chocolate enters a chilling process to harden. Before going to the wrapping machine, the chocolate first enters a machine that forces it out of the mold. Galaxy Vegan is packaged in a recyclable wrapper.

Additionally, the wrapping machine can wrap 300,200g bars of Galaxy chocolate at an outstanding rate per minute.

Once they have been wrapped, the next step is to box them up, during which a machine places them in a cardboard box and prepares them for delivery to stores.

Because the machinery is so dependable, quality control is not necessary during production. But it’s rumored that tasters check the chocolate every hour or so to make sure it’s flawless.

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